Just thought I would let you all know that Lynda.com just today released an new training title: SEO: Search Engine Optimization Getting Started


Hey here’s a Great opportunity to get some of the BEST video training available for FREE.

Lynda.com is in my opinion the BEST video training available. There’s a reason that Adobe has been using them!

Check it out, I think you will want to keep using their training to advance your knowledge! Just use the link below. HURRY this offer expires on 01 Apr 2010!

Free 24 hour pass to lynda.com.

The book is
CMYK 2.0 – A Cooperative Workflow for Photographers, Designers, and Printers

The book takes you from the days of film and half-tone laminate proofs to the use of CTP (computer to plate) where the digital original is exposed directly onto the printing plate and all the changes, advancements and new challenges in color management that came with it.
It also covers the change to digital cameras and how it has brought all new color management issues. The book is a rule book for each member of the color management team designer, photographer, and pre press/press.
Check out the review at The Luminous Landscape and consider buying the book, it’s on my list.

InDesign tutorials

ScreenFlow application icon screen capture

ScreenFlow is the best most Mac like screen capture application I have used! If you do video screen captures you HAVE to try it. It beats all others in my opinion and I have used most of them.

With ScreenFlow you can capture your desktop and your iSight camera at the same time! It also offers many really good features when editing such as the ability to have mouse clicks heard, a red growing ring from mouse clicks that they call radar effect, background windows and desktop blur automatically (it focuses on the window you are working in and blurs the rest) this can be set for whatever duration, and many others. It ROCKS! Also ScreenFlow captures don’t look washed out like some others.

For Export options it has:

  • Web-High
  • Web-High (Best Quality)
  • Web-Low
  • Web-Low (Best Quality)
  • PAL DV
  • Lossless
  • iPhone
  • Apple TV
  • iPod

You can also scale the final output by % or to a custom pixel size.

You can also EASILY add chapter markers when editing and choose to include them when Exporting, this allows viewers to choose the chapter in a drop down menu in Quicktime.

screenflow chapter marker screenshot 1 screenflow chapter marker screenshot 2

You can name the chapters whatever you want I just typed Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 to test it.
(Not sure about chapter markers if converting to other formats because I haven’t done it?).

Check it out!

Adobe TV

April 11, 2008

Adobe TV screenshot

A new resource to check out for Adobe CS3 tips!

Adobe TV looks like a pretty good start of something good. I have only watched a couple of videos so far but they were good and had some good CS3 tips. Like a YouTube channel for Adobe it looks like it will be a good tutorial resource. I’m glad that Adobe is heading this direction.

canon color manag.jpg
From Cancon

Digital Color Management Guidebook

Proper color management aligns an entire system of cameras, displays and printers to maintain consistent color across different color spaces. For consistent color throughout the photographic process, from capturing an image, to processing it, to final output as a print, a color managed system is essential. This guidebook provides users of Canon cameras and printers with an explanation of what color management is and how to set up a system easily and effectively.

This looks like a good little reference guide.

Color Management from Lynda.com

There’s a new Color Management ESSENTIAL TRAINING title from Lynda.com. It looks pretty thorough. There’s just too much to list (19 chapters with 7.25 hrs of training) so you will have to look for yourself.