DesignsLink Weblog is a graphic design blog. My original DesignsLink WordPress blog is here and you can find it in the blogroll to the left. I made DesignsLink Weblog to share graphic design and photography information, opinion and links to information that I find on the internet. I may also share some of my work and experiences. I will also give my opinion/suggestions on software and hardware and hope that viewers share software/hardware suggestions also. The I Use page lists all or most of my hardware, software and my setup, meaning how I set up my computers and other hardware/software for my design and photography workflow. It seems like I am always looking to improve workflow. Please post any suggestions on workflow, whether it is for design or photography.If you find anything worthwhile in the design or technology field that is related to design or photography please share.I will post links on the blogs in a catagory that fits the link. I will pick the links that I feel are the best and post them on the Links page with catagories. Hopefully this site will provide knowledge and inspiration to both design students and working designers including the author.

I mostly do Print Design and Photography but I also do VR or Panoramic Photography and a little Web Design. I would like to learn PHP and some of the other important web technologies. I have always been interested in technology and gadget’s. I really love using technology to create art and enjoy learning about what’s new in these areas. Other interest include working with metal (machining and welding), working with wood, interior design, and traditional art mediums. I would like to build furniture and plan to design and build furniture in the future. I love nice architecture and interior spaces that promote creativity and inspire. I tend to like old things more such as historical buildings, but I am open to and do like some interesting contemporary architecture.

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