I Use

The tools (software and hardware) I use. Links open in a new page or tab.

If you have questions about any of this I will give my opinion/advice. I do have to admit that I don’t know everything about all of these items but I may be able to help you?


Design Software

Photography Software

Web & E-mail

Screen Capture

  • Vara Software – ScreenFlow (The BEST video Screen Capture software I have used.)
  • Ambrosia – Snapz Pro X (Screen movie capture which requires post capture processing time but better quality.)
  • shinywhitebox – iShowU (Screen movie capture with no post processing time. Depending on settings you may be able to get high quality but I haven’t tested. I use it most of the time because it is faster and pretty decent quality anyways. It gives you a movie instantly after you finish the capture.)
  • shinywhitebox – Stomp (Easily reformat screen capture videos for size and popular formats)Stomp Formats
  • Blue Mango Learning Systems – ScreenSteps
  • Yellow Mug – SnapNDrag

Web Capture

  • Videobox – Safari (save Flash videos like those on You Tube)
  • Web Snapper – Safari (capture web pages in many formats, as PDF has link’s)

Mac Interface/Utilities

  • AppZapper – Deleting apps and all their associated files
  • Cocktail – System Maintenance
  • Data Guardian – (cross platform) Encrypted password/info keeper
  • FileChute – Send large files easily
  • Flip4Mac – Play Windows Media with Quicktime
  • Overflow – App menu
  • WhatSize – See whats taking up the most room on your hard drive – free
  • GrandPerspective – (another app to see what taking space on your drive) This one shows in a visual way instantly – free
  • Yep – PDF organizer with Tag’s. Like iTunes and delicious in one for PDF’s




  • – 20″ Apple iMac -2 GHz Intel Core Duo, 500 GB hard drive, 256 MBRadeon X1600 video card and 2 GB RAM
  • – Apple Power Mac G4 -Used as server with Studiometry and for design work backup #1.
  • – Seagate 500 GB external hard drive -Used to back up photography.
  • – Maxtor 200 GB hard drive -Design work backup #2.
  • Wacom Intuos 3 6×11 Graphics Tablet


Color & Color Management

  • Eye One DesignTo color manage my Monitor and Printer. Also has ability to color manage scanners and cameras.
  • Pantone color books.
  • PANTONE Color Cue 2Used to find the nearest Pantone Spot color or Pantone Proccess, sRGB, Adobe RGB, and LAB color using this hand held portable and accurate spot scanning device.


  • Canon 10D Digital SLR –
  • – Canon 16-35 mm f/2.8 L USM – wide angle lens
  • – Canon 28-135 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS – lens
  • – Canon 100 mm f/2.8 USM Macro – lens
  • – Canon TC-80N3 – timer remote controller
  • Sekonic L 358 lightmeter –
  • – Bogen Manfrotto 3021N Tripod –
  • – Bogen Manfrotto 3030 Pan Tilt head –
  • – Lexar Firewire CF Reader –
  • AlienBees lighting –




Synced Storage


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