Adobe CS5!!

April 30, 2010

Well I’m downloading Adobe CS5 Design Premium right Now! (1:00 am Eastern April 30th)
Can’t wait!

see Download screenshot! here

Can’t wait to dig in and I will be blogging about it soon!

Magic Mouse Fixed screenshot

Screenshot from

If you have had problems with Apple’s Magic Mouse causing fatigue you may want to try this. I haven’t had too much of a problem but I think I will give it a try. The cost is reasonable ($12 at the time of this posting) and it may give me more comfort while working so why not.


After receiving my MMFix I tried it and while it does improve the feel of the mouse mine keeps coming off. This may be just a defect in my particular MMFix? I’m sure that the guy that designed and sells the MMFix isn’t trying to rip people off and if it’s not just that mine had a defect and he receives more reports of them not staying on he will improve the design. I feel that he’s the type of person that really just wanted to solve a problem and share the solution with others.


MMFix has contacted me and said that there was a batch that didn’t suction correctly and that a new MMFix has been shipped to me.

Click photo above or here for link to mmfixed site.

I’ve been promising it and here it is! Here’s the link to one of our WACO Classic Aircraft Corporation biplane cockpit 360 panoramic’s!

Here are other WACO aircraft post on this blog:

WACO biplane cockpit 360 panoramic screenshot

WACO biplane cockpit 360 panoramic screenshot. Click link in blog post or this image to see the high quality full screen panoramic for yourself!

Photoshop CS4 training

Looks like medium format digital cameras may be easing slowly into the somewhat affordable range.
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Mamiya Releases Two New DSLR Cameras

Mamiya DM22 And DM28 DSLR Cameras

Two new DSLR cameras have been released by Mamiya. Known as the Mamiya DM22 and DM28, both cameras provide almost any photographer affordable access to a truly professional digital camera system. The Mamiya DM22 comes with a 22-megapixels of CMOS sensor, meanwhile the DM28 has a bigger 28-megapixels CMOS sensor. Unfortunately, these high-end cameras are not cheap. The Mamiya DM22 and DM28 retail for $9995 and $14990, respectively. [Mamiya via Digital Camera Blog]

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Adobe TV

April 11, 2008

Adobe TV screenshot

A new resource to check out for Adobe CS3 tips!

Adobe TV looks like a pretty good start of something good. I have only watched a couple of videos so far but they were good and had some good CS3 tips. Like a YouTube channel for Adobe it looks like it will be a good tutorial resource. I’m glad that Adobe is heading this direction.

Sigma DP1

A full sized sensor in a point and shoot sized camera. The Sigma DP1 has a full sized DSLR Foveon X3 full color sensor. It should be able to produce higher ISO lower noise pictures than other small digital cameras. The DP1 site also says that they have produced a very high quality lens for the camera.

“The DP1 uses the same 14 megapixel (2652×1768×3 layers) direct image sensor as the SD14.”

The price has been reported at $999 US.
Reportedly available in Spring 2008.

Sigma DP1 site

Sigma DP1 announcement on DPReview

Sigma DP1 on DPReview

Come on Canon do this with the G 10!


colormunki is a color tool from X-Rite and Pantone which will profile your monitor, printer and projector and integrates with design applications to capture and create color palettes. You can capture colors from photos and anything that you can scan over with the device. Price is $499.

Check it out it looks cool.