Just thought I would let you all know that Lynda.com just today released an new training title: SEO: Search Engine Optimization Getting Started


I cannot wait till this is released! If your a non-coding designer type check this out!!

Screenshot from Adobe Labs Flash Catalyst intro movie.

Screenshot from Adobe Labs Flash Catalyst intro movie.

Adobe Flash Catalyst is a new application that Adobe has been working on for some time. It allows designers to make interfaces in their graphics apps such as Photoshop or Illustrator and then take them into Catalyst to add motion animations and interactivity WITHOUT CODING! Read the rest of this entry »

2008 AIGA|Aquent Survey of Design Salaries

Current ( 2000-2008 ) design salary ranges in the United States. It’s very helpful to know what the salary range is for graphic design and to know where you are on the spectrum.

Adobe Flex and AIR icons

I’m not the code writing developer type so this is my simple understanding which I’m hoping is what some of you might need?

RIA stands for Rich Internet Applications. They are basically web applications that have some of the functionality of regular desktop applications. They can be developed using Flash, Flex (a framework that developers can use to build user interfaces with MXML and XML which is then compiled and turned into SWF file to run in Adobe Flash Player). Read the rest of this entry »

Adobe TV

April 11, 2008

Adobe TV screenshot

A new resource to check out for Adobe CS3 tips!

Adobe TV looks like a pretty good start of something good. I have only watched a couple of videos so far but they were good and had some good CS3 tips. Like a YouTube channel for Adobe it looks like it will be a good tutorial resource. I’m glad that Adobe is heading this direction.

Strata Foto 3D

February 9, 2008


Strata Foto 3D allows you to take photographs of an object using a special printed mat so the software knows the positioning and turn the photos into a 3D object with the photos added for texture.

Watch videos of it in action here.

Interact with a 3D shoe on a web page which was made with Strata Foto 3D here.

Picture 5.jpg

Here’s a 2007 Design Salary Survey from Coroflot.com

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