This page has info on the iPhone apps I use and on the iPhone in general.
Feel free to comment.

I use the iPhone 3G.

Things I would like to see implemented in the iPhone software / OS.

  • The ability to choose which email contacts require an alert sound and custom email alert sounds that you can set different for each contact, like ringtones for email.
  • Better way to manage app icons, maybe even a different way to get to them?
  • The ability for 3rd party app developers to use the custom alert sounds idea for updates or responses from different people in your social media apps.
  • The ability to selectively choose which contacts text messages cause an audio alert or onscreen display of the message. (more privacy settings)
  • The ability to lock certain areas of the phone without locking the whole phone.
    (e.g. text messaging) Maybe even the ability to lock each app individually if you want to?


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