I’ve been promising it and here it is! Here’s the link to one of our WACO Classic Aircraft Corporation biplane cockpit 360 panoramic’s!

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WACO biplane cockpit 360 panoramic screenshot

WACO biplane cockpit 360 panoramic screenshot. Click link in blog post or this image to see the high quality full screen panoramic for yourself!

Photoshop CS4 training


I am posting some of the normal photos I took when we were at WACO Classic Aircraft Corporation doing a 360 degree photography panoramic shoot of cockpits for them. You just don’t see quality craftsmanship like this anymore! Just amazing work! You have to see these wooden wing frames that are made the way they use to be for the biplanes in the 30’s by real craftsmen!

WACO Aircraft internal wooden wing frame

Amazing craftsmanship! You have to see it in person to realize how well it is made and to what extent the attention to detail is!

WACO Aircraft wooden wing structure

A view of a whole wing structure. Craftsmanship and attention to detail like you wouldn't believe!

WACO biplane being built

Lacking the color treatment of the other photos posted in the posting but you get to see the pretty vibrant red! 🙂

Here are a couple of iPhone shots of my workspace while I was working on 360 panoramic shots of a biplanes cockpit. See post before this one. Just thought I would post this for those interested in graphic design and photography. I sometimes find things like this inspirational.

We are going back in a few days to shoot another and possibly other normal photography shots.

Stay tuned because I might have some exciting news on this project in the future! Also when the 360’s are done and up on the sites I will post links.

To see some of our other high quality 360 panoramics click here. We will be adding more of our high quality 360 panoramics for your viewing soon!

Awesome Creative Video

January 29, 2010

Check out this video!


– photo used with permission –

I found this photographer on Cool Hunting. Her photography is very interesting and has that certain something that makes you want to keep looking at it. For me it’s the same feeling that I get from looking at very interesting historical objects.

Check it out I think you’ll like it and may be inspired by it, I was.
Make sure you watch the video.

Lori Nix’s website

Video about Lori Nix on Cool Hunting

I hope my title is how you would like to be described Lori?

Design Tools Weekly Podcast

January 22, 2008

Picture 4.jpg

Design Tools WEEKLY is a free weekly design news podcast.
They also publish a monthly paid subscription newsletter, Design Tools Monthly, which contains all the design news that you would have to dig everywhere to find. You can download a free sample issue and I think you will find that it contains a lot of good information.

Picture 5.jpg

Here’s a 2007 Design Salary Survey from Coroflot.com

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