I’m installing it right now!!  🙂


Apple has quietly bought a online maps company.


AT&T data detail filter options

AT&T data detail filter options

This may be nothing but I don’t recall seeing all of these choices before on my AT&T iPhone account area? Does anyone else know if they have always been there? The view filter choices just seemed interesting to me.

Could it have to do with planned iPhone video calling, multimedia messaging, and video exchange? Maybe these are choices that have been there all along but I just don’t recall seeing them.

iPhone horizontalThe link for Cellular Ones MI coverage area changed. I have changed the link on that posting and here’s the link for Cellular Ones MI coverage area. It now has both the AT&T and Cellular One logos on the page and att is in the URL so maybe you can use the iPhone in all of those areas now? Here’s the coverage area link directly from AT&T’s site.

Apollo IM

Apollo Supporting AIM, ICQ, .mac, and MSN.

iPhone horizontal

The iPhone 8GB model is NOW selling for $399!

Steve Jobs announces that there’s a new WiFi iTunes store for the iPhone and the new iPod Touch.

The iPod Touch looks almost just like an iPhone and has Multitouch interface, iPod, Calendar, Contacts, Calculator, Settings, WiFi, Youtube and Safari Web Browser! You can surf the web, buy songs on iTunes WiFi Store and watch Youtube videos!

The iTunes WiFi Music Store will be available later this month and to the iPhone through a free iPhone update.

Also announced is a partnership with Starbucks. When you get near a Starbucks a fifth button will appear in the WiFi music store which will tell you what song is playing at that time in the Starbucks and you can buy the music with the tap of a finger.

Also there will be free access to iTunes WiFi Music Store while at Starbucks with no login required. It will take until the end of 2008 for most major metro Starbucks to have this implemented.