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September 7, 2007 logo

Lynda .com released a new video training tutorial title covering InDesign prepress issues today. It’s a very good resource for graphic design students or those interested in learning more in this area. It covers prepress fundamentals and specific InDesign information. They also have a title covering Photoshop CS3 Prepress.

I think that all graphic design students will benefit from viewing this tutorial. I HIGHLY recommend this tutorial for students. I had requested that offer this training and I would assume many others did also and I am very happy it’s now available. I have learned some of it on my own but why not get a head start as a student and learn it the easier way? My attitude, and I think it should be the the attitude of any serious graphic design student or working designer, is that I want to learn as much as possible about what I do. Even if you think you already know a lot about a certain subject you should always be open to possibly learning more. You never know when you might get that little piece of information that will make life that much easier or help you to produce something that comes out the way you want it.

I can assure you that printers really appreciate designers who want to learn about prepress and how to prepare files that are easy for them to print and in the short run and long run it could help you to get cheaper printing. In the short run because less problems to solve and time used on a job means less possible charges from the printer. In the long run because if you build a working relationship with a printer and they know that they most likely won’t have problems with your files they may give you a lower quote on your jobs.

A monthly membership to is $25 and you get access to many hours of great training on many different subjects. It is a really great resource for graphic designers and would be very helpful to graphic design students. You can also pay by the year and they have a Premium level that cost a little more where you can download exercise files if that helps you to learn. I just watch the videos and learn fine but it may help some of you to follow along with the files? If you are a graphic design student you may want to ask your parents to get you a subscription?


2 Responses to “InDesign CS3 Prepress Essentials Training from”

  1. Pat M Says:

    For the people searching for a free download of the above training just pay for the training it’s worth it and stealing is wrong.

    For educators or if you would like to talk to your teacher about offering this training for students there are some educational deals that can be found here.

  2. Bob Says:

    Very interestingly. I wish more such articles on this portal. Thanks for the article.

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