Sigma DP1 Full Size Sensor Point and Shoot

March 28, 2008

Sigma DP1

A full sized sensor in a point and shoot sized camera. The Sigma DP1 has a full sized DSLR Foveon X3 full color sensor. It should be able to produce higher ISO lower noise pictures than other small digital cameras. The DP1 site also says that they have produced a very high quality lens for the camera.

“The DP1 uses the same 14 megapixel (2652×1768×3 layers) direct image sensor as the SD14.”

The price has been reported at $999 US.
Reportedly available in Spring 2008.

Sigma DP1 site

Sigma DP1 announcement on DPReview

Sigma DP1 on DPReview

Come on Canon do this with the G 10!


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