Remove Saft Error Dialog When Opening Safari

March 19, 2008

Saft Error

If you have removed Saft you may be familiar with this warning when opening Safari. It was driving me nuts so I did a little searching and found out what to remove to stop it.

Here’s the file path for the file you need to delete.

Hard Drive > Library > InputManagers > Saft

File Path to Remove Saft Completely

Delete the Saft file found here and it should stop that annoying dialog. Hopefully this makes the removal of Saft easy for you, it was a mystery for me until I figured this out.

This is only my expeirience and I want to state that you do this at your own risk. Not that there should be any problem with this but I just want to be safe. I have seen plenty of people blame whoever for problems on their computer out of desperation. So again do this at YOUR own risk.


31 Responses to “Remove Saft Error Dialog When Opening Safari”

  1. Tom Jon Says:


  2. Pat M Says:

    No problem. I would also throw away all the other Saft stuff you can find. A good application for deleting apps is AppZapper but I think I used that for Saft and it didn’t find this part of it if I remember right?

  3. Chaz Says:

    Thank you so much. Saft was driving me crazy while trying to get rid of it. I won’t be buying the stupid thing.

  4. Pat M Says:

    I had used it for a while but it has gotten to hard to keep up with updating it and all of the beta stuff and trying to get the paid for version if there is one for the current browser is just too much of a headache. Also I think Safari is getting some of the functionality of Saft built in?

  5. Daniel Says:

    Thank You So Much!!!! I was getting the same error message and it was driving me crazy.

  6. Pat M Says:

    Yeah I thought it might be useful for others also.

  7. Ken Says:

    I am running Leopard and cannot find the file that you are mentioning. Any recommendations? This pop up error is driving me crazy…!

  8. Pat M Says:

    Make sure you are looking in the Library in the top level of your hard drive and not in you User’s Library. Maybe do a Spotlight search for inputmanagers to find the folder?

  9. Ken Says:

    Thank you! I had been searching in my user’s library and that was why I could not find it. I also did a Spotlight search and couldn’t find it. But now I have and the dialog box is FINALLY GONE! Never again will I be using Saft…

  10. Brad Says:

    Yeah! Thanks for finding this, I so appreciate that this annoying message is gone now.

  11. Ton Says:

    Thank You,

    Ive been looking for hours in this issue, i think they should ban developpers like these, very usere unfrendly

    it worked fine

  12. Pat M Says:

    Glad I could help you all.

  13. Gérard Says:

    merci beaucoup

  14. Miguel Says:

    Thank, i’ve been looking for the solution for hours. I hate that application.

  15. ANGEL Says:


  16. JoeKimmel Says:

    Thanks a lot man! It was a great help!

  17. jamie Says:

    Thank you thank you thank you. I have hated that window with a passion for a long time.

  18. Pat M Says:

    Glad I could help it drove me crazy too!
    You would think the developer could make a unistaller or at least post how to somewhere!!

  19. thetravellingchef Says:

    thank you thank you thank you! That dialogue was driving me MAD!

  20. Patricia Says:

    thanks sooooooooooooo much. it was driving me crazy and that folder for some reason i did not open. looked at just about anything else on my hdd. so thanks for making my day.

  21. Pat M Says:

    You are quite welcome Patricia! 🙂

  22. Jim Says:

    Thanks! Got this annoyance removed quickly. Saft is a piece of crap anyway.

  23. Mat Says:

    Thanks for this, I too used app zapper but it must have overlooked the part of the program in inputmanagers.

  24. Greg Smith Says:

    Many thanks. It was bugging the hell out of me. And yes, Saft IS rubbish. Obviously, with so many people deleting it.

  25. peter Says:

    I am running leopard – and the inputmanagers folder (toplevel) is empty… can’t get rid of the annoying error mesaage. please help, this drives me crazy

  26. William Says:

    Thank you so much.

  27. JC Says:

    Thanks a bunch,
    literally been months that i’ve had to deal with it, all the old methods only removed saft itself not this prompt. i;m on leopard too, and yea spotlight ca;t find it b/c it’s in the system library

  28. Phil H Says:

    Dude, you are seriously a genius. I tried everything to make that little pop-up error go away. Horribly designed. (This coming from a programmer) Thanks a bunch:)!

  29. Pat M Says:

    Also I am going to try to do regular blog updates again soon.

  30. Anton Says:

    Brilliant, thanks!

    AppCleaner didn’t shift it…!

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