Amazon Kindle Electronic Book Looks Good

November 20, 2007

Amazon Kindle

Amazon’s new e-book reader Kindle looks very interesting to me. It uses an electronic-paper display that looks and reads like real paper. The electroinc ink technology looks like real paper not a computer screen. It is not backlit. You never need to sync it to a computer or use cables of any sort except for recharging. It uses SD memory cards and better than that you can download books, newspapers, magazines, blogs and probably more wirelessly and there is no need to find a WiFi hotspot because it uses Amazon’s EVDO Amazon Whispernet which is built on Sprints EVDO network. There are no monthly wireless access fees because Amazon covers that, you only pay for the device and the content you buy.

Kindle weighs 10.3 ounces, the same or a little less than a paper back book. It is currently selling for $399.Basically you can read any book you want if it’s in their download library which now stocks more than 80,000 titles and more will be added daily. Wherever you are you just look for what you want to read and purchase it. The library includes 101 of the current 112 New York Times Best Sellers which are $9.99 unless marked otherwise. The device can hold about 200 books. All of your purchases are backed up for you online by Amazon in case you should need to download them again in the future.

I would have liked to have something like this when I was in school for text books rather than lugging a bag full of books all over campus. The only drawback is that it is currently black and white but E Ink who make the screen technology has a prototype for a color display. I would think they would look into this market if it would be friendly towards this technology but with the money the used textbook stores make on reselling there might be resistance?

Looks interesting. Maybe this e-book will take off?


4 Responses to “Amazon Kindle Electronic Book Looks Good”

  1. Resell Ebook Says:

    Very good information… thanks for sharing.

  2. Dmitri Says:

    It’s interesting, but looks somewhat smaller than the A4 format which I find mandatory for everything I read (letter format for US citizens : ). If it were black, bigger, and didn’t have a keyboard (what’s wrong with touchscreen?) I would consider it. Right now, though, I kind of like the Sony Reader.

  3. Pat M Says:

    I haven’t used any readers yet so I don’t have anything to compare it to but it looked kind of cool and I like the idea of their free wireless access to buy content.

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