Problems Loading Web Pages In Safari and Firefox

November 7, 2007

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I am using Leopard with Safari 3.0.4 and mid day yesterday when I tried to open Apple’s site it said that I wasn’t connected to the internet but I was able to open other pages in other tabs fine? I then opened Firefox and Apple’s site opened fine. I tried again later with Safari and it worked fine. I did see many others on Apple’s support pages complaining of the same exact thing.

Something different is today I have been trying to open Adobe’s site and it won’t load in either Safari or Firefox? What is going on Apple? 


15 Responses to “Problems Loading Web Pages In Safari and Firefox”

  1. Pat M Says:

    Well Adobe’s site is loading now? Maybe they were doing maintenance or something?

  2. Pat M Says:

    I haven’t had any problems since that night? I did see that others were also having problems. Also Apples site did work in Firefox?

    No problems since so hopefully all is well.

  3. Ben Abbott Says:

    I’ve had intermittent problems loading web pages with Leopard. Most of the time, all is fine. However, for brief periods I get nothing 😦

  4. airstuff Says:

    I experienced similar problems; some images not loading (in any browser) and some servers not reachable. I am on a home wireless network and noticed a slightly degraded signal indicator in the menu bar of my Mac. I moved the computer into the same room with the wireless router and the problem disappeared. I have since upgraded to Airport Extreme (802.11n) and the problem has disappeared even with the computer back in the other room (the signal strength icon is showing maximum signal now).

  5. Pat M Says:

    I think my problems were specifically Leopard or Safari 3 related. It is also possible that it was a problem with something slowing the internet in general that night but I do believe it was Leopard or Safari 3? The good news is that I haven’t had any problems since.

  6. brian Says:

    i have a new macbook pro with leaopard and safari 3.04.
    im having similar problems loading pages in safari and firefox. i have been trying to load the apple page for an hour and it wont work…
    it seems as if specific pages (others besides wont load. i am attempting to redownload and reinstall safari.

    any suggestions? need to load certain pages for work that wont load on either browser.
    also.. anyone else experience problems configuring browsed tabbing in safari 3.04? no matter what i select, the only way that safari opens a tab when loading links is if i hold down the open apple while clicking.
    thanks for any suggestions

  7. Pat M Says:

    Not sure what it was but I haven’t had any problems since I first posted this?

    Maybe empty your cache and history? Maybe delete Safari prefs and see if that helps.

    It was very strange because I had the problem and then it just stopped. I can’t remember what specifically if anything I tried to fix it.

    Let us know if it clears up in a day or two?

  8. Elisha Says:

    I am a web designer and lately my clients have been mentioning a new issue loading sites in Safari. If you are on a MAC look at on Safari and notice all the little boxes and how the background image is out of alignment. It works fine on IE one day and not on Safari so I adjust and then it stops working again. I’m concerned about the boxes on loading and my client is not happy. Any suggestions appreaciated.

  9. Pat M Says:

    It appears that you have used tables to position your elements? You really should be using CSS as it is the standard and tables are out of date unless you are doing tabular data.

    I would recommend a book.

    Designing with Web Standards

    After reading this book look for books or training on implementing CSS for both Styling and Layout of web pages.

    For Dreamweaver there is good video tutorial training at which covers Dreamweaver 8 and CS3. You can find videos covering the use of CSS with Dreamweaver.

    I’m sorry I don’t know specifically why the pages aren’t working correctly but I think the bigger issue is that you really should be using CSS. If you read the book Designing with Web Standards you will see not only why you should use CSS but how it could save you LOTS of time when doing site updates.

  10. Hommz Says:

    Hey Everyone,
    I’ve been having a huge problem with my safari browser ever since I got it installed onto my windows XP OS. On starting up the application, safari JUST WON’T LOAD ANY WEBPAGES. I’ve only managed to get it to load pages a few times after much struggle and this usually succeeds immediately after restarting the computer. And the other weird thing is, once fired up, it won’t fail to load any web pages until you close the browser. The other fault is that the browser keeps hanging once you mingle around with its buttons in attempt to get it to load the webpages.

    I have tried to google whether people have had similar problems with the browser but none fits into my problem. I would love for anyone to offer me any guidance on what to do next after all the below attempts to fix the problem failed;-
    -Re-installing Safari several times.
    -The same problem occurs on my Windows Vista Notebook.
    -can’t seem to find a facility to change the port number.

  11. Valentino Says:

    Hello Everyone

    I’m having the same problem with Firefox and Safari not opening selective web pages where the same pages will open on a laptop on XP. It is definitely a mac problem and I am yet to find a blog that offers a solution. This is my second mac, the first had exactly the same problem and was returned to the shop after 3 weeks of use, the replacement is doing exactly the same – as a new mac user I’m starting to wonder about all this hype about mac being easy to use!

  12. rafaelperrone Says:

    Same problem here. Does anyone know a solution?

  13. John S Says:

    Hi guys, I recently built a website for my friend. He runs a club night and wanted a cheap n cheerful website that he can use to promote it.

    I built the site through FrontPage and IE, and on the whole have had no problems at all with it. It contains some flash content and tends to work fine on MOST machines/environments.

    But… I have recently been alearted to the fact that the site simply fails to load in SOME Apple/Safari setups and in FIREFOX/Apple machines.

    Please take a look and let me have any feedback you might have as to why this problem is arising.

    Thanks in advance.


  14. michael Says:

    if you have problems with safari then click on safari in the menu bar and reset safari and then empty the cache as well and all should be fine

  15. Barb Boran Says:

    I am having the same issue with my mac desktop. Use to work fine and now it wont load any secure sites and times out when trying to load pages on some other sites. I took my desktop to an apple center and it worked fine there. I brought it home and it doesnt work again even if i plug it directly into the modem. My daughter has an apple laptop which is an apple and it is doing the same thing BUT MY SONS SONY WORKS FINE. I had my ISP provider come out and he said the modem and cable connection is fine. I called the modem manufacture and he said the modem is working fine if it is picking up my sons so he says its not the modem. I have an airport extreme router. Could this some how be the problem? I also tried to do the latest update for my airport extreme but every time i turn on the airport it tells me that i don’t have the latest update installed. Where do i turn next?

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