Auto Font Activation/Deactivation in Leopard

October 22, 2007

Apple Fontbook logo

This could be a great feature for graphic designers.
Right now I use Linotype FontExplorer X which is a good application, especially because it’s free.
Support for font auto activation and deactivation in the OS will be big for designers if it work’s well.

from Apple’s site

Font Auto-Activation
Automatically activate fonts as you need them. When an application requests an installed font that’s currently disabled, Leopard activates that font and keeps it active until the requesting application quits.

I can’t wait for this and other feature’s in Leopard.
I have pre-ordered Leopard and it will be here on the 26th.


3 Responses to “Auto Font Activation/Deactivation in Leopard”

  1. Dmitri Says:

    I’m still waiting for proof that Font Explorer X is NOT a piece of spyware. Until this proof is available, Font Explorer will be blocked by my firewall 🙂

  2. Pat M Says:

    Yeah it’s always good to be cautious.
    I trust it because it’s from Linotype which is very well known and I don’t think they would want the bad image. Also the idea with FontExplorer X is that it work like iTunes for Apple in that it has an integrated font store to sell their fonts. The reason that it’s free is that it’s really a marketing tool for them to sell fonts but it’s also a good font management application.

    Like I said tho it never hurts to be cautious.

  3. Pat M Says:

    Well I did have an issue with InDesign not loading a font in one of my documents. Even after I made sure it was activated it wouldn’t load so I don’t know if it was corrupt or what but it wasn’t that important of a document anyways so I just switched to a different font.

    Not sure what the issue was but I hope things go more smoothly in the future.

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