Pantone Goe System Unveiled

September 12, 2007

Pantone Goe

Pantone’s new Goe System adds 2,058 solid colors.
That’s 2,058 solid colors in addition to the current books.

More info from

– More info from Pantones site – (click image above to go to the Pantone site)


A new vision of color from inspiration to application, the PANTONE Goe System provides an extended range of 2,058 chromatically-arranged solid colors. Colors are easy to locate and specify using the GoeGuideTM, adhesive-backed GoeSticksTM or myPANTONETM palettes software. Create, archive and share color palettes using professional printed or digital palette cards.


Wide gamut of 2,058 solid colors

Ink mixing formulas and RGB values

Chromatically arranged color families

Ten Mixing Bases used to create Goe Colors

Colors printed with uniform ink film thicknesses using inks receptive to coatings

Intuitive naming system

Printed publications, digital and Web components

Color selection and palette building tools

Compatible with the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®


Expanded range of solid colors choices

Easy to locate desired colors by chromatic arrangement or number

Inks are easily controlled onpress for improved color matching

Color data provided enables recreation onpress, onscreen or the Web

Provides professional tools for color presentation

Guide, chips or software formats offer flexible color selection options

Saves time when using auto-generated or Web-posted color palettes

Expanded color choices when selecting from both the Goe and PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM


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