Flickr Export Plugins for iPhoto and Aperture

September 6, 2007

Photo category pic smaller

I use the one for Aperture and it ROCK’s.
They are not free but if you use Flickr a lot they are well worth it.
They do offer a Demo.

They are from Connected Flow and if you use iPhoto or Aperture and have a Flickr account you should get one.

They offer super easy export with nice options while exporting.

— From their site —

FlickrExport for iPhoto provides a comprehensive set of features for getting your images from iPhoto to Flickr:
• Edit photo titles and descriptions, and add tags to them.
• Save time – FlickrExport can update iPhoto’s database with the titles and descriptions you give your photos.
• Save your Flickr bandwidth allowance – FlickrExport for iPhoto can resize your photos before uploading.
• Create a new photoset with your photos, or add them to an existing photoset.
• Automatically send your photos to a Group Pool on Flickr.
• Choose from a list of your Flickr tags and add them to your photos before uploading.”

FlickrExport for Aperture provides all the features of the iPhoto version, plus:
• Automatically add an Aperture keyword to each photo uploaded.
• Add Flickr photo ID and URL to Aperture metadata.
• Replace existing photos on Flickr with updates versions from Aperture.
• Edit Geo data before uploading.”


I really like the photo sizing feature. You can use their presets or easily add your own
presets to use. Below are screenshots from the Aperture version.

Below is the main dialog box with the add to pool feature shown.

Flickr Export for Aperture 1

Below is the main dialog box with the add photos to feature shown.

Flickr Export for Aperture 2

Below is the main dialog box with the photo sizing drop down shown.

Flickr Export for Aperture 3

Below is the photo size presets editor where you can add your own.

Flickr Export for Aperture 4

Below is the same as above with different options of W or H max px.

Flickr Export for Aperture 5

They make adding photos to Flickr as easy as adding them to iPhoto or Aperture.


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