A Suggestion for Design Teachers

September 2, 2007

InDesign Preflight

Thinking back to my time in school and what I have learned since I had a thought about a good way for teachers to cover some issues a designer might have when going to press with a print piece.

The Idea: Have the students prepare their files as they would to go to press and simply have a class critique where the teacher could pick pieces that may present issues when going to press and explain what issues might arise and how the designer might go about correcting them. The teacher could take questions and help clear up some of the prepress mystery. As simple as this sounds I can’t remember my teachers doing it. Students pieces should be critiqued on their asthetics but going over some possible prepress issues would help all of the students a great deal. For the teacher it would require a little work maybe but it would be of value to the students.

Also it is unrealistic for students to expect teachers to be able to cover every possible topic or question in graphic design but the more questions they ask the more they will get out of their education. If you don’t understand something ASK! There is no stupid question but you will FEEL a lot less stupid asking your teacher in school than a printer or co-worker. Having said that, I did say FEEL a lot less stupid, all of the printers I have worked with were more than happy to help explain anything and they REALLY appreciated the fact that I wanted to give them a file that didn’t cause them problems! I told them that I was a new designer and that I wanted to learn whatever I could to make both of our jobs easier and they said “no problem, it’s so nice to have a designer that even cares about learning about prepress and getting it right”. I don’t have experience working with other designers because I work with a web design studio that added graphic design when I started but I would hope that coworkers with more experience would have attitude’s as good as the printers I have worked with.



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