A Few Problems with Adobe CS3 Bridge/Version Cue

August 25, 2007

Overall I like CS3. The applications work well for the most part but there have, for me at least, been a few aggravations.

Bridge – I have finally started using Bridge and Version Cue. I didn’t use Version Cue before because I have an Intel iMac and Version Cue with CS2 didn’t work with an Intel based Mac, in fact it would make the Intel based Mac not work AT ALL! I freaked out when I first installed CS2 and then when I rebooted I had nothing but a blank screen if I remember correctly. After doing some searching on the internet on another computer I found out that CS2 Version Cue was the problem and how to safe boot to disable it. Now I have started getting used to using Version Cue but it was a little aggravating at first. I had to learn not to Save files but to do a Check In instead. I had saved a file and I seemed to lose my work. When I reopened the file or updated the file in InDesign it was the same as before I had done work on it. It was very aggravating until I learned that I had to Check In the files. I do like the concept of Versions but to access the older Versions you have to use the View Version command in the bridge menu.

Some problems I have had with CS3’s Bridge/Version Cue
It sometimes opens slowly or appears not to open at all for a few seconds. I open it and it shows as opened in the dock but doesn’t come up on screen for a period of time.
When trying to use the Copy To or Move To commands it doesn’t work. I have had it work at times but most of the time it doesn’t.
It takes a bit of time to create file previews most of the time. Also it has at times failed to show a file that I dragged into a folder in Version Cue and checked in. I have to fix that by quitting Bridge and reopening after which it shows the added file.
The view in the Preview pane is often garbled which makes the Loupe tool useless. I thought maybe it was just low res files but if I remember correctly I had high res files garbled also and even the text that describes the file is garbled and almost unreadable. If you are in the Loupe tool though make sure you aren’t zoomed into 200 or 300% as you can with the mouse wheel if you want a 100% crisp view.

I will add more if I notice anything else. Most or maybe all of my problems with CS3 have been with Bridge/Version Cue. I would expect that Adobe will fix and refine Bridge and Version Cue hopefully soon with updates?

If you have had any of these problems or have advice or tips let us know in the comments below. You DON’T need to register just comment.

Overall I really like Adobe CS3.

I recently purchased Strata’s Strata 3D [in] plugins for Photoshop CS3 Extended and like them a lot although I did have to use Strata 3d CX 5.1 standalone to do some modeling as the Strata 3D [in] Design plugin has somewhat limited modeling tools. It does work well for a lot of things but some of the more complex modeling has to be done in the stand alone app. The frustrating thing for me was there didn’t seem to be a way to export from the stand alone Strata 3D CX 5.1 in a format that Photoshop CS3 Extended can read, thats where the plugins are nice. If I’m wrong about not being able to export to a format that Photoshop Extended can open let me know, PLEASE! I ended up rendering it to Photoshop Layers which is a nice capability. It renders all of the different lighting and other atmospheric and such effects onto separate Photoshop layers so you can turn them on or off and edit them.

Again if you have had any of these problems or have advice or tips with Adobe Bridge CS3 or Version Cue CS3 or if you have comments or questions about the Strata applications let us know in the comments below. You DON’T need to register just comment.


19 Responses to “A Few Problems with Adobe CS3 Bridge/Version Cue”

  1. Pat M Says:

    Well it seems that the Bridge CS3 preview problems may be from using a second monitor?


    I’ll have to look into this more.

  2. Pat M Says:

    One other thing I have noticed with InDesign CS3 is that when you switch to a different Application and you don’t have a document open in InDesign the Welcome screen stays on the desktop even though InDesign isn’t the application you are in at the time?

  3. aljuk Says:

    I’m having two show-stopping issues with Bridge:

    1. It doesn’t “see” Photoshop actions anymore, so batch processing (except renumbering) is completely non-functional.

    2. Stock Photos doesn’t work. Apparently the Stock Photos folder “has been renamed or is in the wrong place” (actually it’s exactly where the installer put it, in the documents folder)

    3. It accesses the internet every time anything is clicked (an image in a folder, a menu item etc) and is hence extremely slow.

    Bridge CS2 worked flawlessly, so I’m really p’d off. There isn’t even a way to deinstall or reinstall Bridge CS3 without deinstalling the entire suite.

    CS3 just seems like an incomplete bodge.

  4. Peter Says:

    Bridge keeps crashing on me whenever I first go to it and try to scroll to either folders or favorites or scroll down in content. Keep getting the ‘bridge has unexpectedly quit’ window.

  5. Pat M Says:

    I didn’t really use Bridge before CS3 because I was on an Intel Mac and CS2 Version Cue would KILL the Intel Macs. I like Bridge but Adobe needs to make the Database more bullet proof and improve Bridges speed and reliability.

    As I said I had not used Bridge or Version Cue before but I am liking them, now just make them more stable Adobe.

  6. Dan Says:

    Macintosh Bridge CS3 crashes for me when I attempt to view a folder with a *.eps file in it. When I remove the EPS file from the equation it works just fine. When I turn off my antivirus software (Symantec 10. I spoke to Adobe And they will not do anything unless they have many complaits.
    Symantec is looking into the issue.

  7. Dan Says:

    When I turn off my antivirus software (Symantec 10) I can open *.eps files with no problem.

    I spoke to Adobe And they will not do anything unless they have many complaits.
    Symantec is looking into the issue.

  8. Pat M Says:

    I hope they fix it for you.

    I haven’t used EPS files for a while now.

  9. Seb Jenkins Says:


    I too have experienced Bridge quitting when attempting build a list of images which include eps files in it.
    Problem does not happen when Symantec anti-virus auto-protect is disabled.
    Does anybody know of a proper solution to this oether than that ?

    • sprale Says:

      I’ve got the same issue, been working at it for a while. The Macs I’m seeing with this issue also have Symantec AV. I’ll test disabling the auto-protect soon.

    • sprale Says:

      I just found it, for my Macs at least. Disabling the Auto-Protect feature in 10.5 solved the issue. In 10.4, it didn’t make a difference.

  10. Joey Sephora Says:

    Bridge CS3 version keeps crashing when I click on a certain folder, similar to the .EPS issue you guys are having, except that I don’t have any EPS files in there. I have jpegs, gifs and PNGs but no EPS.

    If anyone knows a fix for this, please post it here.

  11. Pat M Says:

    Not sure but you could try copying the folder and deleting the original. Obviously be careful doing that and back the folder up on another disc or something first and test to make sure the copy and contents are correct.

    Also check permisions etc… with get info on the folder and it’s contents. Try to figure out if there is something different about this folder and its contents and others that don’t cause problems? Not sure if those suggestions will be helpful at all but it’s the only thing I can think of.

  12. aris Says:

    i am really upset because i spent a few hours selecting photos and used the copy to desktop command in Bridge CS3, and then… there was NOTHING on the desktop… I am trying to see if the photos are somewhere but are not visible. It is madening to have to redo the work.
    Also the program keeps crushing… the slideshow is slow, and you have to press escape in order to apply any action on the photo you are seeing on the slideshow… disaster

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