Canon G9 Announced with RAW!

August 20, 2007

Canon G9

This is what I have been waiting for! Canon G9 announced.

I have been wanting a rangefinder that has RAW format capability!

Finally they realize that there ARE people who want RAW in a non SLR camera!

It has a 12.1 MP sensor and should be in stores sometime in October for around $500.


5 Responses to “Canon G9 Announced with RAW!”

  1. Jaye Says:

    I am very happy I held off buying a camera of this type. This is also what I have been waiting for and did not get in the G7. The G9 seems to be everything the Panasonic/Leica’s could/should be and are not. Besides having RAW support, I cannot understand why so many cameras of this class (i.e., the Pan./Leicas) do not have an optical viewfinder.

  2. Pat M Says:

    I know.
    Sometimes you just think “what are these camera manufacturers thinking. Some of the things they mess up on should be obvious?

  3. Pat M Says:

    Well I now have the G9.
    I like it very much but unfortunately the optical viewfinder is almost useless. It is really just crammed in there to say it has it. It’s not a very nice view looking through it. I still love the camera but I do wish they would make a full sized sensor camera of this size. Sigma makes a point and shoot (rangefinder like) camera that has a full size DSLR sensor. Here’s a link to it’s site.

  4. Ddel Says:


    I have a G9 and I believe I’ve found the secret to using its viewfinder effectively.

    The viewfinder coverage is rated at 80%. If you frame the horizontal limits of the photograph using the vertical viewfinder edges you will find that your entire subject occupies approximately 80% of the captured image.

    It can then be cropped easily in post.

    Generally, you will find that the top and bottom of the captured image will need 5-10% crop in post processing; but be aware that this will vary according to the lens’s angle relative to horizontal- if you point toward the ground you may wish to zoom out or leave more of a bottom margin for cropping later.

    In short, it is easy to use the viewfinder if you leave generous margins for cropping, which, with 12 Megapixels is not a problem. Just frame with the SIDES not the top or bottom of the viewfinder. The final image will have to be cropped but you still get a 10 MP image.

  5. Pat M Says:

    I’ll try that.

    Thanks for posting!

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