The Truth About Beauty Shots

August 12, 2007

Go here and definitely show your daughters if you think it might help them. Roll over the pictures to view how they really looked. Also watch the video below the pictures (there’s also a link at the bottom of this post to this video and another) to see a time-lapsed transformation. This sort of image enhancement is done on a regular basis by most photographers. Maybe that’s why stars don’t like paparazzi so much, besides the fact that they can be real jerks and even endanger people. Unfortunately with the bombardment of media telling people what’s important seeing the truth may not have any effect. Ironic that I’m writing about this as a graphic designer but I do consider ethical responsibility very important in doing my work and deciding whether to take jobs as does the company I work for. I don’t know if enhancing someones image is unethical but the total effect that the messages in society has is not good, especially for our youth.

Apparently Dove is trying to be ethically responsible. The video is from their Campaign for Real Beauty.

Dove films: Daughters, Evolution

Dove should be proud of their stance and campaign.


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